Storybird – online writing software for kids

All parents know that teaching their kids to read and write is an important part of good education. But how do we teach them to write without making them feel bored? is a good writing software for such a purpose.

Storybird is an online writing software for kids that encourages them to create stories by writing texts beside beautiful images. Storybird is one of the rare software that the interface is so intuitive that there is almost zero learning curve. All you have to do to create a story is to click one of the images scattered around the editing box and drop it on the box and write a text beside the image.

Being an web-based software, Storybird has also several benefits.

First, you don’t have worry about what OS is installed in your computer. As long as you have an Internet connection, your kids can start using it immediately. You don’t even have to sign up to use storybird if all you want to do is to write a story. You can sign up later to send a story to other people.

Second, Storybird is a tool for collaboration on a story. I can imagine that once your kid is done with writing a first page of his story, he can send it to an uncle or a cousin living in other country by email and they can work on the next part of the story and send it back and so on.

Third,  Storybird has many beautiful images provided by artists that can stimulate your kids’ imagination for story writing. Having access to these images that serve as a cue for writing is not possible on offline software.

Currently, all features of Storybird is totally free. The developer says that premium services and printing with fee are planned later.

Last but not least, Storybird is not just a writing software for children. Just browse some of the stories on the website and you will understand what I mean. It is also a great way for grown-ups to write their story and for teachers to educate students. You can visit the site and see how the great software works by clicking here.

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