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Plume Creator is an interesting option for novelists who use Linux OS (or Windows). It is an open source novel writing software in its beta stage but some reviews are very positive about its quality. Needless to say, it is free.

A single glance at the software shows that its developers must have had some inspiration from Scrivener. Outliner at the left pane, text area in the middle, and synopsis notes at the right pane. This really looks similar to Scrivener. And by saying this, I am not being negative about the software. After all, this type of interface is becoming more of a standard because many other book writing software are also adopting similar screen.

Plume Creator - novel writers' software

Plume Creator offers an interesting feature called Attendance Manager. Both of the reviews I found on Plume Creator say highly of the feature.

The Found Objects says “This is THE AWESOME. Keeping track of who is in a scene, where the scene takes place, and even objects important in the scene, and all of that stored with the scene. Better still, the expanded version where one can add people, places and things, and give a person, place or thing a page of notes.”

Ken McConnell, a novelist, also likes the Attendance tool. He says, “it can save your butt and lead to quicker, more coherent scenes in your first draft.”

I found two blogs that covered Plume Creator in detailed manner.  If you’re a Linux user, read the post Testing Plume Creator. This post meticulously describes the experience of using the software on Linux and what’s good about the software.

For easier and short review, read one by Ken McConnell, here. The review is short but you can have a fairly good idea of what the software is like.

You can download Plume Creator by visiting this site.

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