Review of free screenplay writing software – Trelby

If you are one of those aspiring screenwriters who are hesitating to buy the industry standard software, Final Draft, because of its high price ($249), a new free software for script writing is available now in addition to the famous Celtx.

The new software is called Trelby. The software is also a good news for Linux users as it supports both Windows and Linux.

For a freeware, Trelby comes with impressive sets of features as follows.

  • screenplay editor
  • multiple views including draft, WYSIWYG, and fullscreen
  • character name database
  • import of screenplay formatted text, Final Draft and Celtx files
  • export as pdf, formatted text, Final Draft, HTML and RTF
  • reporting features such as script report, dialogue chart, script comparision

Trelby looks like a quite promising screenplay writing software. Go try the software by clicking here.

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