Fade In, a new script writing software review

For script writing software, two software have been most popular choices. They are Final Draft and Celtx. Final Draft is often called de facto industry standard and as such has a strong user basis. Developers of Celtx call it media pre-production tool and the free software actually can be used several genre including movie script, comic book and novel.

A new movie script writing software called Fade In has recently joined the competition. One definitive strength of Fade In is that it supports more platforms compared to the above two software. Fade In can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and on Android devices.

Other features of Fade In that are not found in Final Draft and Celtx are dialogue numbering, fullscreen mode, open screenplay format and etc. For detailed comparison, visit the website.  At the current special price, Fade In costs $49.95, which is about one-fifth of the price of Final Draft.

Phill Barron, UK based scriptwriter, wrote two reviews of Fade In based on his experience of the software. His aim was to write his scripts on different platforms – in his case, Windows and Android phone – and the first review tells the good and the bad of Fade In as a multi-platform script writing software. According to the review, Fade In seems to perform nicely on-the-move script editing with different devices.  His second review is about the positive feedback from the developer of Fade In regarding problems he mentioned in the first review.

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