Review of three poem writing software – Masterwriter, Verseperfect and Poet’s pad

The software you can find on Google for poetry writing are Masterwriter, Verseperfect, and Poet’s Pad for iPad and iPhone. I will give a brief review of each software.

1. Masterwriter

First thing to say about this one is that it is EXPENSIVE.  You have three purchase options. Monthly license of $9.95, 1-year license of $99 or one time payment of $199.

What you need to know is that Masterwriter sounds like more of song or lyric writer than a software for writing poems. Most reviews of the software, though mostly positive, are from songwriters, not poets.

Joshua Philipp at Epoch Times describes MasterWriter as “an advanced digital word finder, dictionary, and thesaurus”. He also says “The real draw of MasterWriter 2.0 isn’t word processing, but rather in helping the user find the perfect word for their project.” I think his review, especially the part titled “the Right Word” contains the most useful information to help you decide whether to try this software or not. Read his review here.

2. Verseperfect

One advantage of Verseperfect over other software reviewed in this post is that it is free.  What is not so good as its price is that the software was last updated in 2008, which is 5 years ago.  As can be expected, the interface of the software looks quite  outdated.  But the program itself is still usable.   I tried it on my Windows XP computer and it ran without any problem.

Versperfect is a combination of simple editing screen with a bunch of references like rhyme dictionary, dictionary, thesaurus and online search tools.  The screenshot below will give you an idea of what the software can do. For more information, read the description here.

Among other things, I found the instant look up of rhyme dictionary quite useful.  If you want 100% free tool for poetry writing, try Verseperfect.

3. Poet’s Pad for iPad

Poet’s Pad is something between Masterwriter and Verseperfect both in terms of price and features.

It costs $9.99 and comes with some features you would expect from poem writing software such as word and phrase generator, rhyme dictionary, thesaurus, and built-in audio recorder.

phrase generator based on emotion

The software just seems OK although it does not seem very popular, either. It has 39 ratings on app store and  average rating is 3.5 stars out of 5.

One thing you need to know is except for phrase generator other features like rhyme dictionary, dictionary and thesaurus require WiFi connection.  There is a same software for iPhone but no user rating is available on app store implying  the software may be not as good as the iPad version.

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