icon poet is a freeware for poetry writing

Icon poet is an interesting small software for Windows. The website describes the software as a “writing toy”. What it does is to generate random when you click buttons showing general words such as verb, adjective, person and etc.

Icon poet may be used as a poetry writing software but the developer also says that it is a cure for writer’s block. I think “cure” is a bit strong word but playing with words on the software for a while would be more helpful than staring at a blank page for hours when you have no progress in your writing project.

Icon poet is free software and runs only on Windows. You can get the software here.

I tried the demo on the website and came up with the following poem in 1 minute.

Stately leaf is glamorous.
The boy is quiet.
Gold is old.
Street is new.
The key is magic.

I have no deep knowledge about poetry, but this one sounds like A poem. Doesn’t it?

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