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If you are a poet and are looking for software to help you write down your poetry, Liquid Story Binder XE by Black Obelisk Software is one of the best poetry writing software to try.

Liquid Story Binder XE is uniquely designed word processor for aspiring poets. This software offers you the required editing ability of a commercial text editor in addition to document tracking system.

This software is made for those who wants the freedom to create, revise and outline but are tired of losing track of their own work.

Liquid Story Binder is a shareware product and you can download it for free. You could try the trial mode for 30 days in which all features will work perfectly.

However, after the initial 30 days period, you will need to purchase a registration key priced at $45.95. You will receive your license code by e-mail unless you choose otherwise.

OS Requirement

Liquid Story Binder is designed to run smoothly on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. You will have to download a 7MB setup file from the website. However, this software is not designed for Mac and therefore will not run on Mac.


Liquid Story Binder offer writers the ability to pick and choose any file types that work best for them. Writers can use dossier for characters, things or places, or a builder to preserve important snippets. Furthermore, you can use binder to organize, search, and or combine your documents.

This software also offers a full screen editing. A writer does not need to be distracted; therefore a full screen editing will lessen the distraction by removing all distractions including menus and title bars.

A typewriter mode is there for writer to get your ideas to the paper. In this mode, writers are prevented from editing previous works. There are no specific formatting options, deleting, scrolling, or revisions. The typewriter mode forces you to write and move forward. It halts the temptation to revise and correct.

Liquid Story Binder has advanced outlining tools. These tools help writers to plan your outline, mind maps, sequence, dossiers, and timelines. On the mind mapping front, this software allows you to visually link all your ideas together using text and lines. Writer can create item colonies isolated from one another. You could even use mind mapping to create your family trees.

Liquid Story Binders create an easy to backup files every time you create a new chapter. This backup contains an entry for every day’s changes. The software also includes a complete Binder backup using ZIP compression method.


Liquid Story Binders installation file is only 7 MB. It is a powerful program for a small space. The software also uses TXT, ZIP, and RTF formats guaranteeing access no matter what additional software you use.

Liquid Story Binder can be installed into USB stick. Hence the mobility capability allows you to take your writing no matter where you go. You can use it in your friend’s computers or at work.


To use all the features, you will need to try it one by one and learn all the functions available. You will definitely need to spend some time before becoming a professional with this software.

Developer’s website:

On the other hand, if you are a Mac user or you ant to create a poem without all the hassle, There is one program that you will loved. Robo Riter is a program that will compose a poem at a click of a button.

Now you don’t have to have those headaches when asked to create a poem anymore. Robo Riter will do it for you.

Robo Ritter is published by the Rocket Riter. Inc. The software is a free to try shareware you can download and try on an evaluation period.

OS Requirement

Robo Ritter is especially made for Mac user. The software is 1.3 MB in size and does not have any requirement other than the OS you are running in your computer.


Robo Ritter features the one click poems composer. You can get your poem in a matter of seconds. No more needs for you to think of rhyming, styles, and structures.

The software allows user to create poems in multitudes of styles including Haiku, Ballades, Limericks, and French Lai.


All you need to get a poem is by clicking the icon. It will do all the thinking and rhyming for you


Sometimes, the poems created by the software are utter rubbish. You would be better trying to duplicate Shakespeare instead of using the poems composed from this software

Developer’s website: Robo Riter (PPC)

Lastly, you could try using Icon Poet. It is a writing tool that will help you produce original text by using different word categories. This software is a fun way to write out lines of poem.

If you stay loose and work with its bizarre suggestions, you will soon be pulling poems out of thin air. The latest version out for download is the Icon Poet v 1.08. Best of all, this is a free ware.

OS Requirement

Icon poet runs only on Windows computer. You will need to download a 1.3 MB installation software from the developer’s website.


Icon Poet features words generator based on word categories. This literally means you have a lot of option on how you want your text to look like.


Small installation makes it easy to install and uninstall anytime on any computer. Additionally, this software is free both in viruses and Trojans and also in monetary sense.


Unless you have a creative mind, most time, the sentences from the software will makes no sense. However, comes with time, you will start getting bright idea.

Developer’s website:

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