The Writer’s IDE – Online Software For Writers by Brian Vogt

It was a pleasant surprise when I found a new project called “the writer’s IDE” by Brian Vogt at kickstarter.

Back in 2007, Brian made one of the best writing software I remember. It is “text block writer.” The software had features similar to those of Writer’s Blocks that costs $149. However, text block writer was as good as Writer’s Blocks and also totally free. You can still download the software here.

Brian’s kickstarter project looks similar to the text block writer but also incorporates new features in line with the recent developments in writing software such as online editing and markup support.

Text block writer was forgotten, in spite of its great potential to become a success, because the market for writing software was not favorable in 2007. I hope Brian will make it this time with the Writer’s IDE.

If you are interested in writing software that adopts the approach of writing and arranging small segments of text and merging them as a text, take a look at Writer’s IDE.


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