Four Journal Software for Mac

I introduce here 4 journal software that are worthy of consideration.

1. viJournal Lite (Free)

This is a streamlined free version of viJournal, a commercial journal software. viJournal Lite has features like autosave, file encryption, search and replace, export to rtf, html and pdf.  You can download it here 

For differences between viJournal LIte and viJournal, view this page.

The followings are not freeware but major mac software you may consider for keeping a diary on Mac.

2. Per Se ($19.95)

Per Se comes from the developer of Journler, once-popular-but-soon-to-be-opensourced journal software. Per Se has a nice looking interface and will appeal to people who wants something more than a functional diary software.

This nice review of Per Se describes it as giving “the closest experience (…) to writing in a genuine paper journal.”

3. Memoires ($29.95)

Memoires offers most functions you would expect from a decent journal software such as security, export, search, and ausosave. It is also capable of full screen editing,  drawings, and backup of multiple journals to Dropbox or a USB drive.

About Memoire, a review says “The interface is simple, functionality is minimal, but therein lies the appeal.” Read the detailed helpful review here.

4. MacJournal  ($39.95)

What distinguishes MacJournal from other commercial or free journal software for Mac is mainly the ability to attach various types of files to  a journal entry.  It can add photos, files, QuickTime videos and audio to entries.

It is also the very journal software that I have been using since one year ago. MacJournal is a stable and well-built software but I don’t use much of its multimedia ability. If you often use multimedia files for your journal, MacJournal will be a good choice. But if you just keeps a text-based diary, other software mentioned above will be good enough.

For a detailed and positive review on MacJournal, click here. The reviewer says, “MacJournal 5 is one of the best journaling and diary applications available for the Mac.”

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