Five Free Writing Software for Mac

The list below shows five free writing software for Mac. Although free, they are better than many commercial software of mediocre quality.

If you look for free alternative to writing software sold on App Store, give them a try.

1. Notational Velocity

This software allows you to quickly write and search notes. The interface looks simple but the software is fast and powerful. It also has many fans among serious writers.

If you have to choose only one software in this list, this is the one. The software is that good.

2. Evernote

People know this famous software mainly as a clipping tool for websites. But it can also be used as writing software because you can make as many notes as you want in it.

Tim Ferriss, author of “4 hour workweek” used Evernote to write his book. You can read his method here.

3. Bean

If you like a traditional word processor that has an interface consistent with Mac OS, try Bean. It is the most popular free word processing program for Mac.

4. Openoffice

Openoffice is free software package that includes free alternatives to programs in Microsoft Office. Writer in the package is the writing software.

If you migrated from Windows to Mac recently and look for free version of the Microsoft Word, Writer is the closest thing.

5. Google Drive

I hesitate to include Google Drive because it is online software. But, except the minor problem of requiring Internet connection, the word software in the free web-bases program is as good as other software in the list and actually quite popular among writers.

If you just want to write immediately without worrying about installing anything, Googe Drive is the one for you.

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