Try Flowstate if you have a hard time completing a first draft

I have had a continued interest in software that helps reduce distraction and focus on writing. My purchase list of the so-called distraction free writing software is a proof of the interest. To name a few of them, I bought iA Writer, Byword, Ommwriter, Writeroom and also used several freeware among which Writemonkey is the best in my opinion.

All of them share the same approach to reduce distraction. They have a full-screen mode in dark or white color and a simplified menu. The aim is to remove everything from the screen that may distract a writer and get him to focus on what he is writing at the moment.

Flowstate, a writing software for Mac, uses another trick to minimize distraction and boost focus. It ruthlessly deletes words when you stop writing for a few seconds. You don’t have time to think about what to write. You just have to type what comes on your mind without a second thought. Definitely, this is not the best way to write a good prose. But it is a sure-fire way to complete a dirty draft in the shortest time possible.

After trying the app, I found it especially useful when I have difficulty in writing a draft. The software just forces me to come up with a draft without worrying about the quality of work. As long as I have a completed draft, I can improve it later. Other than setting timer and changing the font size, there are virtually no other features in Flowstate, which also helps you focus on writing.

In sum, the app is made to do just one thing, forcing you to write or lose a draft within limited time, and it does it well. Flowstate is recommendable to a Mac user with a writer’s block at the stage of draft-writing.

P.S.: What if you use Windows? There is a similar software called Writeordie.

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