Looking for simple virtual corkboard for mac

Recently, I received an email from a Mac user who wants to find a very simple virtual cork board software fore Mac. I will not reveal his name because the reason he sent me an email instead of commenting, I guess, is for anonymity.

He is using just Mac, not an iPad nor iPhone. It seems he read my post on virtual cork board because he said he disapproved Scrivener, supernotecard and writer’s blocks as good options. He simply thinks they are too complicated. All he wants is a cork board on which he can make and move cards.

I already did some research to write the above-mentioned posts. As a matter of fact, the post was written partly out of my wish to find a corkboard software for desktop PC.
Virtual corkboard or virtual stickies seem to usually developed as online software. There are several web-based software in this category. Corkboard me, linoit, spaaze, wallwisher, popplet are some of them. As I wrote in a post covering online post it software, I chose linoit and corkboard me as they were easier to use than others.

I can understand why he wants to find a corkboard for Mac. Online corkboard has some limits in spite of merits like ability to view the same notes on different computers. For example, you need to have a constant connection to the Internet to use the corkboard. Also, unstable connection or a server problem can make it difficult to access your cards. You may not feel safe about posting your cards on the Internet.

For various reasons as stated above, virtual corkboard software for Mac or even Windows seems a good idea. However, my search for such software on the Internet again failed to find an appropriate software in this category.

The person who sent me the email said that this may be a niche for developers and I agree with that. A simple corkboard software, not a component of a complicated software like scrivener, may be useful for brainstorming and writing plots or characters.

If you, readers, know any offline corkboard software for Mac or Windows, please share your knowledge with me by commenting.

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