Play writing software – 4 software for stage play writing

I am sure that modern day playwrights are using computers for their work rather than quill pens that Shakespeare picked up to write his stage plays. However, strangely, it is difficult to find a software exclusively meant for playwriting. What is the reason? Are playwrights are less informed of the recent development in writing software than writers in other genres? Or is it because of the smaller size of the software market for play writers? I don’t know.

Anyway, here are some software that I found on the Internet that can be used to write stage plays. If you are a play-writer, this post may interest you. By the way, if you are one of the tech-savvy playwrights, you could let us know what are the best play writing software.

1. Five Sprockets

For some reasons I don’t know, this online software is on the top of the search results for software for playwriting.

The website describes the web-based writing software as free online screenwriting software. This online software supports various types of writing projects such as screenplay, TV sitcom and drama, stage play, audio play, comic book and novel.

The editor screen of Five Sprockets for play writing looks like a combination of typical word processor and additional buttons for elements of play writing.

Major features of the play writing software are industry standard formatting, element style picker, show/episode titles, location & character memory and completion and so on.

Five Sprockets is more than a collection of writing software. It also provides job boards and forums that allows writers to find writing projects and exchange information.

2. Celtx

Celtx is well-known as a free screen play writing software with features as good as other commercial software. The software covers a wide range of writing projects including film, video, documentary, theatre, and novels.

The strengths of Celtx as a writing tools are its wide user base and unbeatable price which is zero. Given the lack of major software for play writing, you may consider trying Celtx. Celtx supports international and US standard formats of stage plays.

This video shows how Celtx does the job as a stage play Editor.

3. Final Draft 

This de-facto industry standard software costing $249 also supports stage play writing. Its support page says that Final draft has a couple of built-in stageplay or theater templates.

4. Movie Magic Screenwriter 6

The long-time competitor of Final Draft also supports stageplay. Based on this review by a playwright written in 2008, Movie Magic Screenwriter seems to have good templates for stage plays. Though the same review complains about inferior quality of stage play templates of Final Draft, it is not certain whether the problem still remains or not.

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