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Whether you write a book or a blog, editing your writing before the final step of publication is important to improve the quality of your work. Using the service of a human book editor will be the best thing to do. But  Book editing software comes handy for such editing. Some famous software are Autocrit editing wizard and Whitesmoke. As you will find by searching on the net, these are helpful software.

One minor problem, however, is that you should pay for the program or a subscription.  Also, they are somewhat complicated to use as they provide many reports on problems of your writing.

What is the alternative for people who do not want to pay and are looking for easy to use editing software?

Editminion, a free book editing software made by the developer of the Write or Die, is one of the recommendable option for such people.

book editing software - editminion

The developer calls the online book editing software “a robotic copy editor to help you refine your writing.” What are those common mistakes handled by the software? They are adverbs, messy dialogue, misspelling, grammatical errors, weak words and ending with a preposition.

Even the creator of the software admits that Editminion cannot replace a human book editor and needs more features to be added in the future. But given the price of the software, which is zero, and as the lack of quality free editing software on the Internet, Editminion is worth a try.

Now, before I publish this post, I checked the above text using Editminion, the report says I used one weak word and 3 passive mode. I also used some words – which I won’t tell you – too frequently. Copy and pasting the text, reading the report and changing the text accordingly. It took less than 5 minutes to do all of this. Although I don’t think my writing became perfect after the change, it sure feels good that I removed some grave mistakes from my post.

You can try Editminion by clicking here.

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